Can I receive prayer more than one time?

Yes. Deliverance is part of the larger Christian journey and is an ongoing process that happens in layers through the gift of revelation by the Lord. As He reveals more about spiritual bondage and freedom in our lives and draws us into deeper intimacy, we may pursue additional prayer sessions. Those who have experienced tremendous trauma in their lives may pursue multiple sessions, receiving deeper freedom and healing each time. See Follow-up in Prayer Overview for more information.

Can I bring a friend to the prayer session?

Yes. Please note that the friend will serve as an intercessor and pray silently for you in the background during the prayer session. They must also read chapters 1--9 of UNBOUND: A Practical Guide to Deliverance. Note that sometimes bringing someone we know into a session can encourage us and other times serve as a roadblock that inhibits our ability to share. Each person is different and must ultimately make the decision. Please let the coordinator know that a friend plans to attend when the prayer session gets scheduled.

Can you pray with my child?

Yes. The process of praying with a child includes the following steps:

  1. One or both parents go through a prayer session, including its prerequisites. This empowers the parent in their own freedom and allows them to minister to their child in a place of deeper understanding.

  2. One or both parents teaches the child the Five Keys. This may take many forms depending on the age and ability of the child. A parent could explain the Five Keys in very simple language, read the book with the child, or allow them to read it on their own.

  3. Schedule a prayer session with the child. One or both parents MUST be present during the prayer session. Moreover, if abuse is discovered during the session, ministers may be mandatory reporters, meaning that they may be required to involve authorities. Abuse-related issues must be dealt with upon completion of the session.

Can UNBOUND prayer benefit my marriage?

It can benefit each spouse individually and therefore the marriage. Spouses can bring bondage into the marriage or introduce it anew through unhealthy or destructive patterns and behaviors in the marriage. UNBOUND prayer can help free each spouse to love their beloved more freely, totally, faithfully, fruitfully, and sacrificially.

I am a mental health patient. Can I stop taking medication before or after going through deliverance ministry?

Any decision to stop taking medication for mental health issues should be a conversation between you and your mental health physician. We recommend that you find a faithful Christian doctor who understands the reality of the spiritual life and takes it seriously.

I need follow-up counseling. Can you help me?

Houses of Mercy provides deliverance and house prayer for those in need. We do NOT currently have the resources to provide ongoing counseling. We DO recommend the following free Catholic telephone counseling service that spans the topics listed below:

Tele-counseling services:

  • Marriage Improvement (couples or solo spouse)

  • Help for Parenting Problems

  • Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

  • Support through Spiritual Crises

  • Overcoming Codependency

  • Faithful Solutions to Sexual Problems

  • Resolving Family Conflict

  • Living a More Peaceful, Joyful Life

  • Spiritual Direction

If you are of a non-Catholic Christian denomination, please contact info@housesofmercy.net for more information. We apologize that we lack good references; help us improve that by emailing and sharing your experience!

I need a house blessing. Can you help?

Houses of Mercy does offer assistance with house blessings. The blessing event will occur at your house and consist of a team of people soaking it with prayer and worship. Please contact info@housesofmercy.net to get more information and arrange a time.

I need an exorcist. Can you help me?

We do not perform exorcisms. An exorcism is a specific rite (i.e., prayers and approach to prayer) performed by Bishops and designated priests in the Catholic Church. Their need is very rare and a last resort for those suffering from spiritual bondage.

Moreover, exorcism complements deliverance ministry. Both are mighty deeds of Jesus Christ and His work of manifesting freedom from darkness in our lives.

Deliverance ministry is appropriate for the vast majority of Christians and in fact, should be part and parcel of a normal Christian life for each of us. Scripture, history, and Church teaching all witness to this. See Deliverance Ministry for more details.

How can I start an UNBOUND House of Mercy at my parish or in my community?

Contact info@housesofmercy.net to for more information.